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Our appliance repair experts in Hacketts Cove are available to perform speedy repairs on your fridge, oven, stove, dishwasher, washer, and dryer.

  • Same-day repairs in Hacketts Cove
  • Experienced professionals
  • 5+ years in appliance repair
  • Affordable rates on repairs
  • Quick repairs
  • 3 Month Warranty


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Professional Appliance Services We Provide​

We service and repair a variety of appliances, including:


Washer Machine

Oven Stove




Appliance Repair in Hacketts Cove, NS

The ability to work with a wide range of residential appliances that are currently available on the market is a specialty of the skilled professionals that make up our team of technicians and repairmen in Hacketts Cove, NS. Our handymen are able to quickly and easily handle any problem, regardless of the type of product you have. Our services are available for a wide variety of residential appliances, including:

  • Modern kitchen appliances such as ovens, dishwashing machines, refrigerators, freezers, cooking ranges, ovens, and stoves. If you have any questions about the home appliances that we service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Appliances used in modern laundry rooms typically include washing machines, dryers, and combinations of the two.

It is also possible to make an appointment with skilled appliance repair professionals located in different cities within the province. During the process of launching our maintenance and repair company, we had the idea of developing other centers and facilities in various cities around the province of Nova Scotia, all of which would be interconnected through a shared system of upkeep operated by a single organization. We have developed a service that is professional, cost-effective, and efficient, and it is available at a comparable level at all of the repair facilities in the region. In addition, our establishments may be found in a variety of different towns and cities around the province of Nova Scotia. If you are having any problems while attempting to use your faulty home appliance, please do not hesitate to give us a call and arrange an appointment for same day appliance repair near me at any location that is convenient for you as soon as you possibly can.

When compared to other businesses in Hacketts Cove that offer a service that is analogous to ours for domestic appliances, our affordable and individualized method of working with customers is one of the most distinguishing qualities that sets us apart as a reputable and trustworthy appliance repair service. We have effectively set reasonable charges in order to make our services accessible to residents of a variety of cities in Canada where our repair and servicing facilities are located.

When one of our highly trained appliance repair professionals eliminates a particular problem with your home unit, they also do a specific duty to ensure that your appliance will not have any further problems in the foreseeable future. The vast majority of the time, our educational support consists of useful advice and ideas regarding the appropriate and regular maintenance of household appliances, particularly after they have been fixed. Our Hacketts Cove appliance repair experts are always available to provide help around the clock, seven days a week, and they take into account all of the requirements and preferences of our clients.

Refrigerator repair in Hacketts Cove, NS

If you are having problems using your refrigerator or have discovered any flaws or malfunctions that are diminishing its capacity, you may call now to arrange appointments for same-day appliance repairs in Hacketts Cove, NS. You may rely on trained and experienced repairmen to provide you with competent support. Our highly-trained appliance repair professionals are standing by and ready to assist you in case of any malfunctions: You are able to rely on our appliance repair professionals to provide diagnostic services and trustworthy freeze repair near me anyplace in the Hacketts Cove area. This will allow you to get back to enjoying your fully operational device as soon as possible.

Stove repair in Hacketts Cove, NS

Our Hacketts Cove stove repair service near me and procedures are available for all types of modern kitchen stoves; however, we keep our prices as low as possible to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to become our customers and receive the necessary stove repair near me in Hacketts Cove and support. After having one of our factory-trained appliance repair specialists service their appliances, we also feel that if our customers know how to do correct and regular maintenance on their machines, this will help our customers extend the life of their machines and save them money in the long run.

Oven repair in Hacketts Cove, NS

If you have seen any problems or malfunctions with your oven, or if your oven has totally stopped operating, there is no need for you to worry that it cannot be repaired even if you have experienced hard problems or malfunctions. We are firm believers that it is always best to cure the problem as soon as feasible rather than postpone the procedure for oven repair in Hacketts Cove, NS for a number of reasons. Whenever you find yourself in need of same-day oven repair near me in Hacketts Cove, you can depend on us to be there for you. Our oven repair guy is competent to undertake the diagnostic tests and fixing procedures necessary to eradicate both frequent and rare flaws in the appliance.

Washer repair in Hacketts Cove, NS

The appliance repair experts who work for our mending team are prepared to provide cost-effective washer maintenance near me in Hacketts Cove, NS in addition to a full range of other appliance repairs and servicing on the same day. Our modern washing machines, both front load and top load, may be readily fixed by our factory-trained professionals, allowing you to accomplish your laundry obligations in less time and with less effort than before.

Dishwasher repair in Hacketts Cove, NS

When you bring your broken dishwasher to one of our service locations, one of our highly trained repair technicians will be able to fix any problem that has suddenly appeared while you have been using it. No matter how high-quality your unit is, you may still run into issues that are brought on by improper use, low-quality detergents, hard water, or a combination of these and other variables. After providing you with a trustworthy dishwasher repair service near me in the Hacketts Cove, NS area, the specialists who work for our company who fix dishwashers can also provide you with guidance on how to make the best use of your dishwasher. In addition, if you are thinking about installing a dishwashing machine in the near future, we are happy to share our insights with you on the numerous options and variants that are now on the market.

Dryer repair in Hacketts Cove, NS

No matter what sort of problem your dryer is having or even if it has completely stopped operating, the experts at our dryer fixing company have devised specialized diagnostic, maintenance, and repair procedures to handle the issue. They provide you with assistance in selecting the most effective solution for washer dryer servicing in each individual circumstance, as well as doing the necessary inspections to establish the underlying cause of a particular failure. In addition, our customers have access to professional and instructional support, as well as assistance from the most qualified dryer handymen in the Hacketts Cove area.

Frequently Asked Questions – Hacketts Cove, NS area

My device needs Kenmore elite washer repair. Do you have any handymen working for your organization in the Hacketts Cove area of Nova Scotia?

Our highly skilled professionals are able to handle any make or model of washing machine, so if you’re searching for fast and efficient Kenmore elite washing machine repair in Hacketts Cove, NS, you’ve come to the right place. We guarantee not just reasonable and consistent costs, but also dependability and an exceptionally high level of appliance repair service.

My oven doesn’t operate correctly. Do you have the ability to provide Moffat oven repair in Hacketts Cove, Nova Scotia?

You must be aware that manufacturers strive to develop the most advanced versions of contemporary electric ovens as possible. Thus, even if one of the oven’s components fails to work, a contemporary oven will be rendered unusable. However, this is not a reason for panic. No matter where in the Hacketts Cove area you are located, you can always rely on the highly-trained handymen we employ to deliver fast on-spot Moffat oven repair. If your oven stopped working for any reason, we’ve got your back.

If my refrigerator isn’t keeping wine cold, can you help with Marvel wine fridge repair?

If the refrigerator or the freezer stops working, the fault is likely with the thermostat. The refrigerator must be dismantled in order to check if this component is working properly. Our Hacketts Cove handymen can provide the serious and expert Marvel wine cooler repair necessary for this task. Simply call the number to get in touch with an experienced member of our service team in Hacketts Cove, NS.

If for some reason my dishwasher stops working, is there a professional at your company who specializes in Frigidaire dishwasher repair who could help me?

We offer a wide array of maintenance and repair services, including Frigidaire dishwasher repair service near me, at your location in Hacketts Cove, Nova Scotia. Because every dishwasher repair service includes a warranty period, you won’t have to worry if your dishwashing machine malfunctions again during that time frame.

My Inglis dryer broke down and I’m looking for someone in Hacketts Cove for inexpensive Inglis dryer repair. Can you help me?

If there is an issue with your dryer, our well-trained dryer specialists may typically be at your Hacketts Cove, Nova Scotia location on the same day to provide assistance. Upon arrival at your home, our experienced and knowledgeable Inglis dryer handymen can identify the problem and advise you on the best course of action for a quick and successful fixing solution.